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McCracken, Kelly and Maybin Headline at TRI Tour Final

The TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour Final at Portmore on Saturday 19th October was the icing on the cake for a very successful tour.  Many young riders were in their element receiving recognition on the podium for their hard work and commitment since the tour began at the end of August.  Many were geared for the forecasted weather, however the sun shone from dawn till dusk allowing riders in both arenas to enjoy the perfect ending to their TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour.  Early classes featured 148 ponies in the Bluegrass outdoor at Portmore, while 128 ponies competed in the newcomer classes indoors.  Millie Spence and Dagda Mellow were one of the 7 combinations on maximum score heading to the final, their consistent efforts paid off when their win in the final ensured that extra point to win the overall league in the 128 50cm class.  Shannon Cairns on Priah were 2nd, with Megan Harris and Rookery Zoe in third and Harriet O’Hagan in fourth.  Lexie Maguire who finished 5th in the 50cm, made the most of her experience and went on to win the 60cm class and overall league in the process!  Megan Harris was second this time, with Juliana Nelson and Casper in third.

Gareth McCombe from TRI Equestrian kindly brought a mountain of bags that morning containing lots of prizes and goodies which were an absolute pleasure to present on the day.  The excitement on everyone’s faces as they received their TRI bags packed full of top-quality TRI products was the cherry on top for organisers and parents too.

All photographs from Saturday's final and all presentations can be purchased from John Gibson at

Meanwhile the 148 ponies outside competed in the 90cm class and Ava Stubbs on Stonebrook Tosca celebrated as the first winner of the day.  With 10 competitors on equal points before the final round, their win secured that valuable 1 point lead overall to claim top spot on the TRI Equestrian podium.  Amy McLaughlin’s second place in the final gave her the second position overall, while Caitlin Comey finished third in the tour.  Ava also won the TRI Equestrian 148 1m class giving her enough points to slot into 4th overall, while Freya Sayle’s placing was enough to take first place for the league.  Zara Burns finished in second and Anna McLean was third overall.  Lucy Morton won the 1.10m class at Portmore, and the overall tour, while Erin Crawford finished second and Dylan Torrens was third.  In the TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 148 1.10m 6&7 year olds, Cara McFadden’s consistency paid off as they finished in first place overall.  Erin Crawfords win on the day secured 4th position overall.  Ellen Thompson finished in second place, while Simone Leathem finished in third.  Lucy Morton won the 1.20m class on the day as well, giving her enough points to take 4th place overall.  Yiayan Evans was second at the final, however his consistent top form early in the league ensured a clear victory for the overall tour.  Niamh McEvoy who finished third at the final, received second place overall, while Ellen Thompson who also featured in the 1.10m presentation, finished in third place for this 1.20m class as well.

Eunan Kelly was the first young man to get a spot on the podium and he did so in style as he took the win in both the TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 128 70cm and 128 80cm classes on two different mounts, Tuity Fruity and A Little Fairplay respectively.  In the 70cm class, Lucy Donnan was second and 4th in the 80cm, while Jessica Baxter was third in the 70 and second in the 80.  Lexie Maguire featured in these prize giving presentations once again, taking 5th in the 70cm class and third in the 80cm.  The 85cm class saw competition hotting up even further and this time, it was Elizabeth McCracken who took first place, giving her the valuable points she needed to take top spot on the podium aswell! Lily Tunney finished just one point behind her overall to take second place with Cillian Torrens in third.  Elizabeth then went on and repeated her success in the 128 90cm class too!  This time, Cillian Torrens stepped up into second place on the day and overall, while Zara-Jane Kelly finished in third place overall.  The TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 128 1m class was won by Robert Russell who has enjoyed a fabulous season so far, Jamie Clarke finished in second place overall and Charlotte McCracken took third spot on the podium.


138cm classes were held in the outdoor commencing with the 138 80’s.  The first to claim a rosette and the league title was Kiera McGrath and Coomlogane Kojak, whose win gave them a 1 point lead over the 5 other competitors arriving at the final on maximum scores.  Lucy Morton and Caoimhian Sharkey were equal second on identical speed round times giving them second equal in both the class and the league!  The TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 138 90cm class was owned by Lucy McCann who finished in first and second place, qualifying her for first and second in the league, with third place going to Emma Burns and Ardnacashel Little Dreamer.  In the 138 1m class, Cara McFadden collected her fourth win in the tour to seal her victory for the league.  Oliver Doherty who finished second had achieved three wins over the duration of the tour, meanwhile Jenny Dunlop achieving two class wins throughout the league finished in third place overall!  Jenny then went on to win the overall league in the 1.10m class, with Oliver Doherty in second and Camryn Clarke in third.

The Final classes for the day were the TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour COH/Junior 1m, COH & Junior 1.10m & 1.20m who completed an enthusiastic day in the later hours of Saturday night.  In the 1M class, five competitors finished on the maximum score with their placings at the final deciding their overall placings through the league.  Niamh McEvoy took the win on the day bringing her into the prizes, while Ben Maybin, who finished in second took topspot on the podium for the overall league.  Alexandra Kiernan finished in second for the league with Sadie McMahon in third overall.

Pictured right 148 1.20m league winners Yiayan Evans 1st, Niamh McEvoy 2nd, Ellen Thompson 3rd, Lucy Morton 4th, Erin Crawford 5th, Annie Gibson 6th, and Emily Steele in 7th photographed with Joey McEvoy TRI Team Mascot on Saturday!

The TRI Equestrian Children on Horses 1.10m/1.20m class was won by Simone Leathem whose valuable points secured the overall tour win.  Cormac Taggart finished in second place on the podium while Sadie McMahon once again took to the podium for third place.

Top position on the Junior 1.10m/1.20m podium saw the return of Ben Maybin whose second place in his second class of the day, also secured his first place finish overall.  Tadhg Clarke finished in second overall, with Shauna Farrell in third for the class and the TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Junior 1.10/1.20m Tour.

After almost 12 hours of jumping, over 300 competitors took to Portmore’s arenas at the final with recognitions of TRI Equestrian league rosettes and prizes being awarded to over 150 of those talented athletes.  The Ulster Region Pony Committee would like to thank TRI Equestrian for their amazing support of our young riders who we have watched gain experience as this league has progressed.  

Following the event, Aldyth Roulston commented “We are absolutely thrilled with the success of today’s final round.  It’s a pleasure to see the development and progress in our young riders week by week throughout the tour and to present the TRI sponsored prizes as a reward for hard work is even better.  We are extremely thankful to Gareth McComb at TRI Equestrian who has been an invaluable support helping us run our tours over the last number of years, and we would encourage our competitors to visit the TRI shop and reciprocate that support.  Thank you to all the parents and venues who supported this tour making it such a success for our young Ulster riders.”

Pictured below 128 60cm tour winners Lexie Maguire 1st, Megan Harris 2nd, Juliana Nelson 3rd, Millie Spence 4th, Megan Hannahway 5th, Harriet O'Hagan 6th, Lucy Johnston 7th, Elsie Tunney 8th - well done everyone!

128 50cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Millie Spence, Dagda Mellow

2nd        Shannon Cairns, Priah

3rd         Megan Harris, Rookery Zoe

4th         Harriet Ohagan, He's So Naughty

5th         Lexie Maguire, Jack-A-Roo

6th         Megan Hannaway, Princess Vicky

7th         Ellie Bingham, Dat'ill Do

8th         Lauren McGrath, Tabita Carwyn


128 60cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Lexie Maguire    Jack-A-Roo

2nd        Megan Harris     Rookery Zoe

3rd         Juliana Nelson   Casper (Ur)

4th         Millie Spence     Dagda Mellow

5th         Megan Hannaway            Princess Vicky

6th         Harriet Ohagan He's So Naughty

7th         Lucy Johnston   C.S. Galileo

8th         Elsie Tunney       Horizon Star


128 70cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Eunan Kelly         Tuity Fruity

2nd        Lucy Donnan      Derrylanghan Sparrow

3rd         Jessica Baxter    Tabita Chantilly Lace

4th         Medb Kinney     Goldengrove Fantasy

5th         Lexie Maguire    Manny

6th         Connie McFadden           Charlie

7th         Zoe Mellett         Sox Line Cassie

8th         Sara Margey       Raheen Bonny



128 80cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Eunan Kelly         A Little Fairplay

2nd        Jessica Baxter    Sparkling Class Act

3rd         Lexie Maguire    Manny

4th         Lucy Donnan      Derrylanghan Sparrow

5th         Lily Tunney         Scarletts Cromwell

6th         Sarah Mclaughlin              Phoenix Phantom

7th         Caitlin Weatherup           Scooby Dont

8th         Lori Smith            Top Spot


128 85cm U10's TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                    

1st          Elizabeth McCracken    

2nd        Lily Tunney        

3rd         Cillian Torrens  

4th         Zoe Caskey        

5th         Caitlin Kelly        

6th         Medb Kinney    

7th         Johan Fitzpatrick Burns

8th         Sarah Mclaughlin            



128 90cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019

1st          Elizabeth McCracken

2nd        Cillian Torrens

3rd         Zara-Jane Kelly

4th         Lori Smith

5th         Jessica Baxter

6th         Charlotte McCracken

7th         Lily Tunney

8th         Peter Morton


128 1M TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019    

1st          Robert Russell

2nd        Jamie Clarke

3rd         Charlotte McCracken

4th         Zara-Jane Kelly

5th         Lori Smith

6th         Peter Morton

7th         no competitors

8th         no competitors


138 80cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Kiera McGrath   Coomlogane Kojak

2nd        Lucy Morton      Molly (SJI)

3rd         Caoimhian Sharkey         Sparkling Miss Ellie (ihr)

4th         Jessica Baxter    Sparkling Boomadonna

5th         Caoimhian Sharkey         Sparkling Kiowa Moon

6th         Savannah-Rose McElhatton         Shanbo mirah star

7th         James Courtney-Cadam Mister Pebbles

8th         Peter Morton    Tynan Espresso



138 90cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Lucy Mc Cann    Gortmore Julie

2nd        Lucy McCann     Callens Lady

3rd         Emma Burns       Ardnacashel Little Dreamer

4th         Calum Mc veigh Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon

5th         Peter Morton    Tynan Espresso

6th         Caoimhian Sharkey         Sparkling Lackaghmore Louis

7th         Caoimhian Sharkey         Sparkling Miss Ellie (ihr)

8th         Jessica Baxter    Sparkling Boomadonna


138 1m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019    

1st          Cara Mc Fadden

2nd        Oliver Doherty

3rd         Jenny Dunlop

4th         Lucy Mc Cann

5th         Beth Thompson

6th         Calum McVeigh

7th         Cormac Taggart

8th         Kiera McGrath



138 1.10m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019              

1st          Jenny Dunlop

2nd        Oliver Doherty

3rd         Camryn Clarke

4th         Cara Mc Fadden

5th         Cormac Taggart

6th         Beth Thompson

7th         Kiera McGrath

8th         Maeve Clarke


148 90cm TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                

1st          Ava Stubbs          Stonebrook Tosca

2nd        Amy McLaughlin               Knockgraffon Girl

3rd         Caitlin Comey    Princess Nora

4th         Caoimhian Sharkey         Woodside lad

5th         Bl├íthnaid Doherty           Erganagh Camaderry

6th         Maeve Clarke    Lissyegan bonny babe

7th         Megan O'Neill    Diamond II

8th         Emily Browne    Hillbillie Rocky                              


148 1m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                    

1st          Freya Sayle         Bungi

2nd        Zara Burns           Tullymurry Sunshine

3rd         Anna McLean     A Class Act

4th         Ava Stubbs          Stonebrook Tosca

5th         Harrison Blair     Free Lily

6th         Caitlin Comey    Princess Nora

7th         Conor Harris       OBS Good To Go

8th         Simone Leathem              Coolys Trendy



148 1.10m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                              

1st          Lucy Morton    

2nd        Erin Crawford  

3rd         Dylan Torrens  

4th         Ellen Thompson

5th         Cara Mc fadden

6th         Simone Leathem            

7th         Alexandra Kiernan          

8th         Emily Steele                                    


148 1.10m 6&7Year Old TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                    

1st          Cara Mc fadden

2nd        Ellen Thompson

3rd         Simone Leathem            

4th         Erin Crawford  

5th         Clara Maguire  

6th         Ben Walsh          

7th         Emily Steele      

8th         only 7 competed final  



148 1.20m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019                              

1st          Yiayan Evans    

2nd        Niamh McEvoy

3rd         Ellen Thompson

4th         Lucy Morton    

5th         Erin Crawford  

6th         Annie Gibson    

7th         Emily Steele      


COH / Junior 1m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019    

1st          Ben Maybin

2nd        Alexandra Kiernan

3rd         Sadie McMahon

4th         Tadhg Clarke

5th         Catherine Buchanan

6th         Shauna Farrell

7th         Niamh McEvoy

8th         Kathryn Morton



COH 1.10m/1.20m TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019              

1st          Simone Leathem

2nd        Cormac Taggart

3rd         Sadie McMahon

4th         Catherine Buchanan

5th         Alexandra Kiernan




Junior 1.10m/1.20m      

TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2019    

1st          Ben Maybin

2nd        Tadhg Clarke

3rd         Shauna Farrell

4th         Niamh McEvoy