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Amateurs & Young Riders

Farmers Journal a Championship

• The competition is open to A riders only who are members of the Amateur section of Showjumping Ireland. Fences height 1m

• The championship to be run at six qualifiers, at venues selected by the National Amateur Committee of SJI. These will be run in 4 regions.

• At each qualifier the first eight riders going clear in descending order will get a place in the final.

• The horse/rider combinations must complete the course in the first round clear to be eligible for a qualifying place.

• At a qualifier if a rider has already qualified at another venue the ninth rider in that qualifier gets his/her place in the final.

• A rider may only qualify one horse for the Final. The horse eligible to compete in the Final is the first horse to qualify. No substitution allowed.

• It is hoped that a total of 48 qualified riders will turn out at the final. It should be announced that any qualified rider who cannot attend the final that he or she should inform the judges so that the ninth or tenth rider will get their place in the final.

• If a rider or riders, in the weeks leading up to the final, find that they won’t be able to attend for whatever reason, it is requested that they inform the SJI Amateur Committee so that their place can be filled with the ninth or tenth rider from their qualifier.

• It is imperative that the shows running the qualifiers have a photographer present on the day. The results and photos are to be sent to Elodie McGoldrick in the SJI Office by email (

• Final at the National Amateur Championships.

Dates to be released soon...